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Let us not disgrace ourselves

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Defender of the Faith is about to visit us.

She is thoroughly welcome.

But, let there be neither violent protest nor undue deference.

As citizens of a republic we:
a) bow the knee to no-one (remember that when kissing a bishop’s ring next crosses your mind!)
b) welcome anyone, be they head of state or just plain citizen, from a peaceful and friendly nation.
c) expect similar courtesy to be extended to us, be we head of state or just plain citizen, when abroad – we have no grudges agin anyone.

This island holds about 6 million people – over 1 million of them are, of their own volition, her subjects. Let us remember and respect that fact.
The lot of those of us who are unwillingly her subjects has improved vastly in recent years – and further progress is being made daily.

She, and successive governments of hers, are aware of this and endorse the changes. Let us remember that also.

Despite what a handful of repeatedly-proven-to-be-democratically-unpopular-at-election-times diehard isolationists wish to believe, the history, culture, economies and futures of our two countries are inextricably linked more closely then any other two countries anywhere in the world.

Céad mile fáilte dhuit, and when you get home tell them what a lovely time you had here and recommend they come and visit. In so many more ways than one, we speak the same language.
(Although we speak the better English!)